Minnestoner Spark

The Spark


I guess this all began when I lost my job back in May of this year. I had always had this voice inside my head telling me that I was too passionate to work for anyone else. Since I was little, throughout my teenage years, into college, and now adulthood; that voice has never gone away. I knew I needed to find my ‘driving light’ and follow this voice. Throughout my short life span I have revisited the idea of being an internet presents several times, but never bite on the idea.

I was always afraid of rejection. Either from real life my connections, or either from the community I was trying to join.  That fear,  kept me extremely quiet for years. I kept revisiting this idea, only to have fear of rejection stop in my tracks. I thought they were so stupid, my thoughts and ideas. So stupid, that I wouldn’t tell my mother about my dreams, in fear that she would find them silly or stupid. I figured if i kept it to myself no one could make fun of me for my dreams. Keeping it to myself only caused problems, and it kept me from my path in life. This feeling never went away, in fact it has only burned stronger the more I ignore it. Constantly on my mind since 2015, I decided that I was finally going to pursue this dream, this goal, this ‘driving light’.

Rejection is no place to live, and neither is fear. I was too afraid to be who I wanted to be for too long. Follow me on my journey, my spark, my ‘driving light’ to being genuinely me Minnestoner Girl

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