Somedays are easy, Some days are fun, Somedays feel right, Somedays feel wrong, Somedays are hard, Somedays are frustrating, Somedays are miserable.

Today is one of those ‘Somedays’, where I spend more time trying to start a task than I did actually finishing it. I feel like my dog Frankie today, just chasing my tail getting nowhere. Today was loaded with frustrations; I slept in late, my first words spoken were in an argument. Nothing has felt right. Everything and everyone seem to be fighting me. But why? For the first time in my life I am pursuing my dreams,  I am becoming everything I love, and I am doing want to do. Becoming MinnestonerGirl  gives me deep purpose and passion. Two emotions I haven’t experienced in awhile. Then why is the beginning of my journey so frustrating? Why does everything have to be so hard? I have a vision in my head, then why can’t I make it real life, the exact way I envision it to be. It’s a frustrating life becoming an artistic content creator ( A title I’ve made up for myself).

I struggle with my vision, my idea of how things should be, but most of all, I struggle with letting down the people that follow me. Although today is a going to be one of those days, I am not going to let it defeat me. In every struggle there is a lesson to be learned. There is always a reason something isn’t coming easily to me, and it may be the whole vibration of the situation is just off. I am becoming more and more of a believer in the Laws of Attractions. When my vibrations is off, or the situation I find myself in doesn’t feel right, it usually leads to strong emotions. This can be a counter productive activity. It can make me really frustrated, wondering why something isn’t working. I found myself extremely frustrated today as I sat down to record a video for my Youtube channel. Nothing was going right. When I say nothing, I mean nothing. It just felt wrong. All wrong, but why? And maybe that’s my problem, I don’t expect there to be struggles and set backs. The struggles in the journey are enviable. It is what builds the resilience which is the foundation my character. I want to be this crazy person strong, resilience person, but I can’t just be her. I need to become her. These set backs are helping me become her.

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MinnestonerGirl mediating with her bong in hand

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