US Army Veteran/Pothead

I joined the Army National Guard April 9, 2009. I attended basic training and AIT shortly after graduation of high school. I returned home in 2011 to find out I was leaving for a deployment. At 19 years old I was deployed to Kuwait and Iraq. I was deployed with a Field Artillery Battalion. I excelled at many things while in the army, because of my innate sense to follow orders. I always wanted to be best because often timed no one believed that I could be. I struggled proving myself during my entire military career, and that pushed me to excel in many different areas. One of which was Marksmanship. I was an extremely good shot, and it became evident while training for deployment. I was moved up from being a truck driver to a gunner. Picture #3 is of me with my 240B while I was deployed. During training for deployment my ability to make make decisions, take leadership roles, and react &respond well as a soldier became clear which helped me earn my spot as an RTO (Radio transmission officer) for my squad. I often was pulled to go to classes or given specific task my leadership wanted done. I was often bullied and teased for being a kiss ass, but I tried hard to let my work speak for itself. I returned from my deployment in 2012 and made Sergeant shortly after returning. This required me to move units. It was one of the scariest decisions I ever made while in the army. All the people I was deployed with we’re like family to me. That was the unit I was leaving behind, and I was stepping into a whole new unit completely unknown to me.
I held my position as an E5 for 2 years and completed a 25 day rigorous course designed to make me a better leader. I realized about that time that my soul wasn’t in the army. I loved it, and all it has done for me, and to help mold me as a better person. But I was too much of an individual, too much of a free spirit, to be shackled by such a restrictive job. In 2015 I finished out my six year contract, and retired as an E5-Sargent of the Army national guard. I wouldn’t change one second of it.

Picture number one is myself in my dress blues (formal army attire) approximately 7 months before my ETS (estimated time of separation).
Picture number two is the day my unit arrived home from Our deployment. We arrived in Mississippi late, but we were up early the next morning. Faced blurred for privacy🤗.
Picture number three is during down time while we were training for deployment. I snapped a shot with the 240B that I had to qualify with both mounted and Tripod before deploying.

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