My Skin Care Routine

I never struggled with skin problems until I was eighteen. I had made it through most of adolescence dealing with a random pimple or two. It didn’t happen over night but I felt like I woke up one more and my skin looked like hell. I know while serving in the army my acne would flare up. Due to high stress, and nasty chin straps. Even after I left the army my acne still persisted to cause complexion issues. I had taken for granite all the years my skin was flawless, and nearly maintenance free. I had brainstormed nearly every possible solution and tested all my theories, but nothing seemed to help. Till I turned to my diet. I have always had gut issues since I can remember. It was normal for me to feel bloated, gassy, nauseous, and down right ill almost every time I ate. As I started looking into problems with my skin I found out how much our guts are aligned with our skin. ( I was unable to track down or find any of my old photos of when my skin was at it’s worst)skin care ance 11

As I did my research, I learned more about the food we consume. I realized that I wanted to begin to live a more plant based lifestyle.

I started back in February of 2015 cutting out all animal related products. I took baby steps to ensure this transition would last. I started at first with beef and would make one day a week a completely meatless day. I was able to maintain this quite easily. I have never been a steak or hamburger fan. I moved on to pork and transitioned to a poultry based diet.

Chicken was the hardest habit for me to kick when it came to meat, but after six months of no processed meats, no beef, and no pork, I had seen a big change in my skin. I found great vegan/ soy based alternated that made giving up chicken a lot easier than giving it up completely.

By 2016 I had given up all meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products ( minus cheese ), because I love cheese. and my skin looked great. but I still had one problem, I was still CONSISTENTLY having break outs. At this point I had changed everything in my skin care routine. I try 100 dollar face creams, visited multiple doctors, tried prescription after prescription but nothing worked. I still had at least one large painful pimple on my face. Then in 2017 I decided to go back to the basics of my skin and use as little as possible on it.

The results have been simply wonderful. My skin is so soft and supple, and I haven’t had one deep, painful pimple in almost 3 months. This is what is use.

skin care 123

I wash my face every night before I got to bed. I know, I know, the struggle can be so real right around bedtime, but don’t let the lazy bug bite! Wash your face, every single night. Sometimes I will wash my face with warm water the next morning to help wake my skin up, otherwise I only cleanse my face before I put make up on and to take my make up off.  I use Gentle version when my face is feeling dry (usually during the winter).

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The newest addition to my skin care routine was my Bulgarian rose water. You can buy a small bottle at Walmart or CVS, and use this as a refreshing mist. Use cotton pads and dab areas of your skin with an extra dose. Or add it in to setting or finishing sprays for make up. Honestly, I am still finding new uses everyday for my rose water.

skin care 1My holy grail product, the one I would take to a desert island with me, my Vitamin E oil. I started last summer apply small amounts of this to my moisturizer, and my skin would glow. Eventually I cut
out all the fancy and expensive moisturizer and started using straight vitamin E oil. Eventually I started experimenting with essential oils, and come to really enjoy a couple drops of tea tree with my skin care routine.

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