Change is inevitable, painful, a part of life, essential for the growth and prosperity of creativity and inspiration, and it comes to us in many different forms.

Some of these changes are internal and some are external. Some change is within our control and others are completely left up to fate. Change can be perceived differently to almost everyone. Change can even happen on a chemical/hormonal l level. But one thing that change has in common it is often uncomfortable at some point, and its Necessary and essetional to thrive.

I have struggled with dealing with depression for quite sometime now.  I’ve been looking for something, anything to cause a change. Ive tried medical intervention, therapies, holistic means, and different personal lifestyle changes. I am hoping to effectively cause a change in my body that would permit me to going back to living a happy, enjoyable life like I once did. Its a change and a one that no one else can see or feel, but it is still change. See I don’t think change can ever be measured by how big the wave it causes but by how effectively with follow its instructions. Sometimes those instructions might not make complete sense, and you may think change is crazy. You’re right, it is crazy. But you have to trust it whole heartedly to reap the benefits of it.

Change can often be seen as something bad, drastic, or life altering. Often times, we can all gravitate towards a specific instants in our lives where we realized life as we know it would never be the same.

The death of a family member or loved one, loss of a job, a new job, a promotion or demotion, birth of a new family member, moving, breakups, abrupt accidents, natural disasters, health issues or scares, the list could go on for days. When we think of those events we can all probably pick out a specific time in the course of that event when we stopped and realized, things were never going to be the same, and we understood completely that there was nothing we could do about it. That right there is when we enter into a contract with change, and we give up all controls to it. Sometimes we fight it, we kick and scream. Change pulls the car over to let us have another tantrum on the side of the road, till we inevitablely take back off into the direction of different.

You see change has always been the boss, and we hold little power once we enter into a contract with change. sometimes we can pick out these instances of change in our life and other times it is hard to spot when we have unwilling or unknowingly entered into a contract with change. Often times we fight this deal we have made with change because we never remember asking for it, and most times we haven’t. Something in the universe sends the winds of change our way and we are trick into a binding contract with change. We will always have a bumpy road ahead if you fight change one you are in an accord with it, so you might as well summit and learn something along the journey.

Its hard to realize you aren’t in the drivers set when in comes to a huge factor in your life like change, but remember, change doesn’t come along, two other magical powers follow in tow. We must realize that with change comes powers we can control. Inspiration and creativity, both of which only come only with change, never ever by themselves. They are not the bossy britches that Change can be, but instead, more quiet and reserved of the powers. We need to remind ourselves to use our inside voices when working with these two. They are very sensitive and can take offense to the brass nature we use with change.

A good metaphor for change would be the stubbornness of a bull, a thickheadness that drives a person absolutely mad with rage. You often find your self kicking and screaming when finishing a conversation with change.

A good metaphor for inspiration and creativity would be delicate baby unicorns that are just realizing their own legs underneath themselves. They are completely full of mystery and delight, but are extremely skittish, and can not be broke like a normal animal. They respond to love, affection, and appreciation, even if they too, leave your completely and utterly frustrated at times. They speak a language that can heal and cleanse your soul during the time of change, but only if you greet them with respect and love. Never demand anything from creativity and inspiration, but rather ask each day that they greet you with there lovely presence.  Say it out loud, they love to hear you talk about them.


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