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I really got into Youtube, and that is what opened my eyes to this world of Influencer’s. I started Watching Youtube on my deployment overseas in 2011 to 2012 with the United States Army. I watched make up tutorials, and found these girls that I connected with on a personal, friendly level. I became obsessed with what they were doing, and I wanted to it for myself, but in my own unique way.

Fast forward to Last summer when I finally decided to say screw it, and chase my wildest dreams. I started My MinnestonerGirl page, but I had NO idea what the hell I was doing. I stumbled around for a while and tried to find my path, but then I became obsessed with attracting the ‘right crowd’. I wanted to posted the right pictures, at the right time, with the right caption, and really make the algorithm work in my favor. The algorithm, the times, the lighting, the filters, everything became so robotic and precise, that I lost touch of why I fell in love with these women and this profession in the first place, these connections.

An Influencer by definition is someone who has the ability to influence other’s opinions through entertainment, education, conversation, personal relationships, etc..the list is still growing.  That’s what makes them so cool, their ability to be an influencer and be so influential. Their ability to sway their following into seeing things or doing things differently. This is a VERY valuable tool when we think about it; With the right amount of followers and influence, an influencer can change view points of a subject, or even open up a conversation about something they find important. They have the ability to put power behind movement. It’s like ability to change the direction of the wind, so to speak.

As an influencer I pride myself on making real and honest connections. I want to spread love, light, and happiness into the world. But I also realize that with every profession there comes along a certain amount of give and take. Every job carries a certain amount of responsibility, accountability, and professionalism, and we as Influencers need to realize this. As consumers, it’s our job to find the influencers we truly connect with, and support the people we can believe in. As an influencer I find it really important to be mindful of how I interact with others on the internet. People look up to me and my viewpoints, and I look up to other influencers and their viewpoints.  I shouldn’t use my platform to degrade or tare anyone down, and I hope no other influencer ever does so. I never want to stoop to low levels to make myself feel better, gain popularity, or win a debate.

Bullying is still a problem to this day. Calling someone names isn’t funny, cool, or helpful when making a valid point in any conversation. Mocking, Belittling, Teasing, and name calling are only meant to destroy and not build up a community. Being an influencer is about building a community, not destroying something. So I guess what Im trying to say is bullying has no place in my circle that I am trying to grow. Lets all try to be kinder, softer, nicer, gentler, and more friendly to one another. And if you can’t do that, then keep scrolling, because my group doesn’t need a bully.

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