Rummage Sale on my life

A lot of change has occurred in my life in the past two months.

I have been battling a suicidal mind for the better part of ten years, and I finally sought help in October for it.

I ended multiple relationships in my life, some including family ties.

I packed up the pieces of my life and moved hours away… to a whole new world.

I spent a lot of the past eight weeks battling my depression, extreme anxiety, panic attacks, and triggers, that I felt like I wasn’t accomplishing much else. I was simply surviving.

I spent the past eight weeks isolated, away from the whole world. The small amount of interaction I got was from the internet, otherwise I didn’t talk to anyone.

I went full blown hermit mode.

I withdrew myself inward, and then I waged a war with every decision I had made. It was torture.

I have always struggled with change, as most of us do, but I knew this change was good, and good for MinnestonerGirl.

There are many things that have changed but many things have remained the same;

My love and appreciation for the band of hooligans I have gathered since starting out on my journey.

My passion for Cannabis, Astrology, Mental health advocacy, Mother Nature, Fitness, Plant based Wellness, Manifestation, Beauty, Make-up, Fashion, Self-Care, Spirituality, and an advocacy for general weirdness are all still B U R N I N G with intense passion from within me.

I want to create art, and I want to be brilliantly messy about it. I want to be bold and daring, all will I inspire you to thrive right with your vibe.

I want to nourish my body, mind, and soul. I want to constantly improve my fitness, nutrition, and active lifestyle, all while bringing you a long with me.

I want to show the world that I can manifest my own future.

I want to be that confident, witty, sassy, sexy, beautifully intelligent woman I have always envisioned myself to be, all shining a light for others to do the same.

No matter how many times my depression, anxiety, or the thought of giving up all together crosses my mind, I always wonder, but what if.

What if I can do this.

So somethings have changed, but many things have stayed the same.

I am happy to be coming back the tribe of Happy Hooligans I have started; A collective of misunderstood, misfits, and weirdos.

I am MinnestonerGirl;  I am here for better or for worse, but mostly for the cookies.

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