Massive Messy Action

Sometimes it’s hard for me to capture a photo, or put pen to paper, I find myself without inspiration, lacking motivation, but I will myself to keep to create. This had been a vital part in the alignment process for myself. Each day I choose to align at least one of my actions with the goals i’m working towards in order to manifest my dream life. It doesn’t have to be big, I’ve learned baby steps is the best.

In the past couple of months my life has really shifted gears, and I’m finding myself busier with lots of massive messy action.

I am proud of myself, I’ve accomplished a lot in the last three months. Many of my accomplishments have gone on behind the scenes, but that doesn’t make them any less important to my process. I’ve come to realize this important tidbit of wisdom in the past month.

I would find myself getting so anxious and panicked that I would literally have to calm myself down by saying
“I am okay. Everything in my life is just as it should be. I am right where I need to be.”

Then I would take a few mindful minutes to thank the universe for all that surrounds me.

The root of these anxiety attacks was fear, dread, and worry. I was worried that I wasn’t doing enough, but enough of what? Everything. I felt like I was wasting my time on all these useless activities and missing out on the good stuff. MOFO bad!

I make goal sheets for each month, each week, and even each day. I’ve been smashing my goals like a real boss. This gives me real time data to look at when I’m on the verge of giving myself a lobotomy due to my anxiety.

Checking the facts has been the best way to calm my anxiety.

These past couple of months I’ve successfully switched gyms. I had five UNCOMFORTABLE, but healthy / healing conversations (Yay, for honest communication). I have staved off two panic attacks and was able to identify my triggers. I FINALLY manifested my camera and lighting into my life for my business. And I’ve finally taken the beginning steps merge old life with this new life I’ve cultivated for myself.

It’s taken me a long time to finally stand up for the woman I wanted to become. Each day I chose to align AT LEAST ONE of my actions with my goals. My advice to you is baby steps, believe in yourself even when you can’t show people, and don’t ever give up on you, because I believe in you.

M i n n e s t o n e r G i r l

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