Wildly Me

I’ve been told that I can be too much for people. I’m an enigma; too much of everything and not enough of the right things, all at the same time.

I’ve always been labeled as ‘out of control’. I was too loud, too energetic, too boisterous, too wild, too talkative, too sure of myself, too full of myself, too childish, just a little too strange, too much of something for anyone to deal with me.

I was too much much-iness for a tame lifestyles to ever accommodate me.

I’ve slowly started to realize that this tame, plain jane, average, boring lifestyle wasn’t enough for me. I stopped trying to squeeze myself into other people’s small minded ideas of me, and I broke free of any mold.

I’m learning each day to accept the fact that I am not made for everyone, because I am too unique, weird, too out of the ordinary. I’ve learned to stop quieting my voice, stop taming my wild spirit, stop dimming my own light, and stop dumbing myself down for small minded ideas.

I’ve learned to accept that sometimes my large personality will scare people away, and that’s okay.

I was born to be different, strange, rare, but most of all I was born to be wildly ME.

M i n n e s t o n e r G i r l


2 thoughts on “Wildly Me

  1. I can’t tell you how many times I heard similar statements. I was too moody, too intense, always “too” something. It took me a long time to learn that my too-much-ness was their problem, not mine.

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