Hello, My name is MinnestonerGirl. I’m a hippie chick that smokes cannabis, but if you follow me, you will come to find that my life is soo much more than that.

I suffer from depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I was in denial till 2017 when I suffered a major mental breakdown. I decided that I needed to pay attention to my body. I was afraid to come forward and get help, but I did. I was afraid no one would believe me when I told them how I felt.

This led me to believe I didn’t deserve the help I am receiving. One of the thousands of mistakes I have made on my journey to a new healthy mind. Pain is not measurable. I can not line my life experiences up next to yours and physically see who has been through worse. Your experiences are entirely different than mine, even if we experience the exact same event. Your experiences are YOURS and mine are MINE.

I’m here to share my story, if your willing to listen.

My journey to better mental and physical health has been a long bumpy one, and I’ve decided to start documenting it. I hope I can help someone else by sharing my stories of failure and success.

I am currently shooting all photography and videos on my Iphone7S. This baby works GREAT, and I love playing around with my phone all the time, but one problem. I am CONSTANTLY running out of storage.  I have done my fair share of research and decided I that purchasing a camera would be my best option! The EOS Rebel T7i Video Creator Kit caught my eye, and although I’ve look through tons of cameras I think I want it to be my beginnner video/photography camera.

The only problem is, I have been out of work for the better part of a year because of my illnesses. I have applied for disability, but was refused while I try to better myself. I want to keep documenting my journey. This has become my outlet to the world.

My mission is to help society see that our brain’s are organs’ too, and just like any other organ, it can get sick if we don’t take care of it. I want to help by shedding light on the growing issue of mental health in our society, and how we can take care of ourselves  better. I want to show my true quirky, funny, goofy, awkward self to the world, and maybe make someone laugh a long the way. I want to break down the stigma surrounding cannabis, and be open about my cannabis consumption.

Follow me in finding me,



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