Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Our lives has changed a lot in the past month.

Becoming foster mom’s for our nephew/grandson has been a whirlwind of adjustments, and we’ve taken it in stripes together as a family.

My mom and I have opened up our lives and our farm to provide a loving home for my nephew. Learning how to become a role model as well as teacher to a little human comes with a learning curve. Certain things have just come naturally, like my love, affection, and protection for my nephew. I’ve learned to speak little human quickly, and learned to anticipate Layne’s every need.

My mother on the other hand has always been playing with a loaded deck, having done with three times before. It’s been the most beautiful thing to watch my mother be a mother. It’s given me a whole new perspective and appreciation for all that she has done for me throughout the years. She’s the professional at this, while I am the green horn amateur.

She seems to be successfully swimming along with everything that this new role and job has thrown at her, while I’ve barely been able to keep my head above water. Jumping into the deep end feet first has been a humbling experience for myself as I realize what the job title of parent entails.

I can say on thing that’s for certain, none of this would be possible without my mother. We’ve spent the last month tag teaming parenting, and her stamina and endurance for this sport is awe inspiring.

Not going to lie when I admit this, it has felt like the wheels were falling off more than once during this past month. My mom and I have being in the thick of parenting and have just  looked at each other. and said ‘we’ve got this’.

A little about my newest roommate. Layne is 16 months old, and is a comedian. He loves to make people laugh, and when he finds something to make you laugh, he’ll keep doing it to see you smile. He is an animal lover, although most of our critter around our farm would feel otherwise about him. He has bonded with my back cat named Binx, and Layne has now claimed ownership over him. Binx actually crawl up into his lap, and lay in the middle of Layne’s play area; They’ve become buddies. Layne is a eater, and has about 10 different feeding times throughout the day. He doesn’t have a favorite food nor does he have a food that he won’t eat. Layne is a talker, and can say kitty, hi, okay, all done, the dreaded no. Layne’s kryptonite is baby shark and favorite movie is Incredibles 2.

He is really thriving out on the farm, learning so much each day, and he truly amazes my mom and I. Each day we stick to a routine, but like to throw fun adventures in to help him explore the world. It’s been beautiful to watch through his eyes as he experiences our world for the first time.

Life has changed so much in the last month, and it’s all for you and your future. Welcome Home Layne.