Happy Adoption Day

Happy Adoption Day

1 year ago this week my mom and I gave a home to a female pitbull, and added a new member to our pack family. We later gave her the name Frankie. My family dog of 9 years had passed away from cancer in July of 2017, and after her death we realized that someone was missing in our family. So we went in search for that someone in a animal shelter close to our home. My mom and I joked Lucy, my family dog, would show us who belonged in our family. We were introduced to Frankie as Lucy, it was the name the shelter had given her when she came to them in late July of 2017. My mom and her clicked instantly, and we decided to bring her home. Since Frankie didn’t know her name was Lucy, and she was still very young, we could get by with changing her name. On the way home my mom and I bounced names back and forth in the car until Frankie stuck to her. I call her Frances, because she is fancy, but her official name is Frankie. So enter Frankie.


Frankie fit right into our family instantly. My black lab Kalli had been missing her companion, and the moment we brought Frankie home, Kalli approved almost instantly. We never once have had fights or incidences with either of them. They truly love each other like sisters since the day they met. Frankie is our family dog, and ultimately my moms dog, but she has the most special place in my heart, just like my Lucy did. She is also mine, and I claim ownership of her often. I love her like a four-legged child, and would lay my life down for her, and she would do the same for me.


I have never owned a Pitbull before, and never really paid much attention to the breed. I myself knew they were a misunderstood breed, and they were very kind and affectionate. I loved my labs and that’s why I got Kalli. When we took Frankie home from the shelter my heart forever changed, and made room for the pitbull breed.


She has shown me a side of the breed that is so hard for me to put into words. She is smart, playful, inquisitive, intelligent, intimidating, affectionate, a jokster, a goofball, rambunctious, loving, a cuddle worm, my protector, extremely intelligent, the list goes on. She is hands down the best thing that has ever happened to me, because she also made me realize how uneducated society still is on the pitbull breed. She and I will prove wrong many of the stigmas and stereotypes surrounding the pitbull breed.


Frankie really opened my eyes to adopting shelter dogs over buying pure bred puppies (like I did with Kalli). I love them both EQUALLY, but I realized something, I saved Frankie’s life that day. That’s a crazy good feeling to carry with me each day. Call it self centered, or self serving, or whatever you want to call it, but doing good things like that for another life form is an amazing shot of confidence. I get to look at her with so much care, love, and affection, and know that I saved her that day, and she kind of saved me. But most of all she came to her home.


Frankie fits right into our family, like a missing puzzle piece. She had no issues with my dog, our cats, or our horses. Although I cant say the same about squirrels. She has taken notice to the little furry roebents that live in our grove. She learned her territory quickly, and we haven’t really given her the time to stray away from her farm place. She has taken to playing fetch, and swimming, although she doesn’t float well and need a puppy life vest. She loves wrestling with my black lab named Kalli, and she has roam of the house whenever we are not around.


Welcome home Frankie, Happy one year of being apart of our family. Here is to 11 plus more years of happiness on your farm place.