A chemical reaction, bombs exploding, permanency; That’s how Tina entered my life.

2007: At sixteen years old I craved adventure, travel, excitement, so many different things, and I found them in a best friend, a sister, a confidant to my soul.

Tina was my families foreign exchange student from 2007 to 2008. She was the first profile we came across as we sorted through all the foreign exchange portfolio’s. We found each other in ways only fate can describe. Since she has been in my life, I can’t remember a time before Tina.

We spent some of the most formative years of our life together. She became the one constant in my world that was filled with uncertainty. I never really felt at home in my own family, at my own school, or even in my own skin, until I met Tina. She helped me see the world as one big opportunity. She helped me realize that being unique was a good thing, because the world is filled with so many different people, and my people were out there, somewhere. She made me feel at home for the first time in my life. We laughed, we cried, we did a lot of lying to stay out late, but during all of that time she became my person. I can’t figure out when this chemical change took place; kind of like the creeping change from summer to autumn. One day I woke up and realized that she was the person I wasn’t afraid to tell anything to. If I needed to hide a dead body, I knew who to call. She was the one person I could put my trust into. A person that would always be one of my people no matter the time or the distance.

Tina taught me a lot about the world and also a lot about myself. She led by example, and showed me how to be kind and compassionate while also teaching me to stand up for myself and to be assertive. She is confident, yet humble enough to help anyone. She showed me that hard work is the key ingredient to getting what I wanted out of life. That NO ONE is going to just hand it over; although she has a knack for sweet talking anyone into doing anything for her. She taught me that I must work for what I want. At just seventeen years old she was willing to leave her home, friends, family, and her boyfriend to adventure across the world to the USA. She had never met us, she had never experiencing the America we lived, but she was willing to do one thing; pursue her passion to experience it. Tina has untold amounts of bravery, tenacity, and the ability to adapt to situations with ease. These traits I’ve always admired DEEPLY. I’ve spent much of my adult life trying to acquire these traits for myself. She has been the hands down the biggest inspiration for me in the past ten years of my life,  and has become one of my heroes.

We’ve watched each other grow up from across the world. We’ve been there to cheer each other on, as we grew into the woman we are today. Though happiness but also sorrow. We’ve both stood by each other sides as we experienced loss and grief for the first time. We’ve experienced death together. Within a matter of months both of our father’s passed away from heart attacks. I was just seventeen and she was just eighteen. We did our best to comfort and console each other from across the Atlantic.

I’ve always been protective of Tina, more than I’ve ever shown. I’m cautious and observant of anyone in her life. I want the absolute best for her, and I’m willing to do the sneaky work of sniffing out anyone who may have ill intentions. I’m willing to lay my life down for her in the blink of an eye because of the person she is. When I first met Tobbe, I realized very quickly I had met someone who was willing to do the same thing for my person, for our person.

Tina has always been intelligent with her decisions. She is smart, and weighs all the options before making an informative choice. When Tina choose Tobbe, I was nervous, but let me explain. I had never met Tobbe, I didn’t get to do my fair share of investigating on him to make sure he was good enough for my human. But I leaned on the fact that Tina’s was smart, she has always known what she wants.

Fast forward to 2019: Within hours of meeting Tobbe, listening to my soul sister talk about him, and observing how he moves around her, I knew I was in the presence of someone who cared about my family just as much if not more than I did. I relaxed extremely quickly around Tobbe, because I got a glimpse of what Tina has always seen in him. Tobbe loves her with his whole heart, he wants to share his world with her, and he spends much of his time just tending to her. It’s a love that is so difficult to pen to paper because it must be felt, it has to be seen, it must bee experienced to truly understanding the meaning behind their love.  It changes the vibe of a room in the most positive of ways. They’re a couple that make sense, they emulate happiness, and intoxicate everyone around them with their love. They’re the text book definition of being the life of the party.

This was all just the prequel to the main event. Something to remind of us our time together before the opening act; Their story. It’s like a bomb exploded, a chemical reaction took place, and I can’t relive life before Tina met Tobbe.