Meet the artist Monday

Meet the artist Monday

Happy ‘meet this artist’ Monday from Minnesota.

My name is Kaylee and I am the middle child of my family. I’ve have a younger sister, and older brother. Growing up I born and raised in Minnesota. I moved twice, and became the new girl in 5th grade.

I’ve always loved music, and took piano lessons up until 5th grade, then I joined band. I started off playing the alto saxophone, later on I traded that in for a smaller instrument with similar scales, the clarinet. Between the band room and art room I spent most of my high school career. I was a wallflower, a bit of a late bloomer, and very anxious. I was quite awkward in high school and haven’t much grown out of that trait.

When I was seventeen I joined the Army, and at nineteen I was deployed overseas. I spent 5 days short off a year in a combat zone. I knew I wasn’t going to make a career out of the Army and separated from my service in April 2015.

Since then I’ve been trying to find my way, and what I want out of this life. I struggled for a while with indecisiveness, one of the worse of all human aliments. When I started this blog I hardly knew what I wanted out my life. But with time, brutal honesty, and tons of self reflection I’ve found my passion, my purpose, and now I’m pursuing it.

During this time I’ve become a self love junkie, a self development fan, and a cannabis activist.

My life revolves around my animals, cannaibs, and the moon. I enjoy reading my astrology report every morning as I wake and bake.

I am a lover of animals, and live a (mostly) plant based lifestyle because of my compassionate heart. I live on a farm, and grew up riding horse. I’ve owned my own horse since I was 13, His name is Maximus. I live in a rural community, a tiny town of just 4,000.

I love writing, reading, singing, dancing, cleaning (yes you read that correctly), working out, cooking, watching scary movies, painting, thrift shopping, knitting, figure skating, playing piano, camp fires, hiking, kayaking, star gazing, doing my make up, anything self care, and cuddling my dogs(Kalli & Frankie).

High there, my name is Kaylee. Now, tell me a little about you.