I want this section to be all about my four legged family past, present, and future. I want to share my life that includes my dogs. They are such a huge chunk of my life they deserve their own page. Here you will be Introduced to both Kalli and Frankie my two dogs. You will see daily activities, and their amazing personalities.




Kalli is my black labrador retriever that I picked out of a litter in spring of 2015. She joined my family May 5th 2015. We have been inseparable ever since. She loves fetch, is pretty camera-shy, and is my little cuddle butt. I can’t wait for the ‘MinnestonerFam’ to fall in love with Kalli’s amazing personality.





Frankie is my fawn and white Pit-bull/Staffordshire terrier that joined my pack family this summer (July 2017). She is still puppy, the vet put her age at about a year

IMG_4631 2. She is still very playful and full of energy.  She is such a lover, and her willingness to please blows my mind. she is very eager to learn and smart little bugger. I can’t wait for the MinnestonerFam

 to fall in love with my adorable rescue named Frankie. I hope it will make everyone think twice Adopt rather than shopping for pets.



2018 POSTS

Frankie photo 2018.JPG

Fun Facts about Frankie: We found each other in August. My family dog Lucy had passed away in July of cancer. It struck my mom, myself, and mostly Kalli the hardest. My mom and I realized the first part of August Kalli wouldn’t “Dog” anymore, she was sad and mopey. My mom was on Facebook one morning when she realized a yellow lab that had been surrendered to a near by shelter, and she really wanted to go look at him. Upon arrive we meet Dexter but he immediately bonded with another family there. Frankie was another dog they showed us, and we fell in love with her. She was playful, and lovable. Another family with a small daughter took interest in her, and we left that day without her. My mom didn’t feel right trying to take a dog from a family that had kids. She couldn’t get Frankie out of her mind and she kept an eye on the adoption site. The family returned Frankie that following week for unknown reasons. My mom saw her picture pop back up and we immediately went back to adopt her. Something felt right adopting her, like Lucy wanted her to be the new farm dog. Maybe it was because Frankie’s adoptive name was Lucy, the shelter gave her the name upon her surrender. Frankie’s life before ours is a bit of a mystery. She was surrender by an individual that took her off the hands of a homeless person. She shows no signs of abuse, or mean nature. Kalli and Frankie bonded almost immediately and we haven’t had any issues with the cats or horses. She fit right into our pack like a puzzle piece that was missing after Lucy’s death. She has helped me realize the need to adopt and not shop. There were so many dogs that needed homes, and I’m so happy to give Frankie the home she always deserved. So happy to have her in my pack. Happy 6 months of being in the family Frankie.

kalli 2018

My sweet Kalli girl is turning 3 in a week😱• A little history on my sweet girl; Kalli found me when she was just 5 weeks old and the moment we met I knew I couldn’t live without her. Kalli is a pure breed Labrador retriever, and is small (63 lbs) but very feminine. Kalli found me at one of my lowest points in my short life. Durning this time my depression and ptsd ran my thoughts and controlled my emotions. I was desperate for help, and just needed a companion, someone to love. Kalli filled all those voids plus more. I picked Kalli up at 8 weeks old and we have been inseparable ever since. She is hands down the sweetest dog I’ve ever met, and she only wants to please me/ be along for any adventure. Kalli is obsessed with fetch and anything spherical shaped. She loves cuddling in bed and is always snuggles right up next to me. I am so happy to have a side kick like her and I only want to give her the best life possible. Because she deserves it, after all she has done for me, it’s the only way I can repay the favor. I am still scratching my head wondering where those 3 years went though.

kalli 111


I cant help but love a face that is so precious and pure. Kalli, you have taught me patients, kindness, playfulness, and most of all love. You are my family, best friend, and life coach all rolled up into four paws. You help fill my joys with meaning and purpose. You have shown me what living life in total peace looks likes, and how to live life completely in the moment. You have brought million of smiles to my face, and thousands of reasons to live. When I was struggling the most with my demons, you helped pull me the dungeon I had created for myself in my mind. You helped me start down the path of becoming the person I had also pictured myself being, all without utter a single word to me.  Amazing the healing power a dog and can on your soul. Thank you for helping everyday to heal mine.