Youtube & Weedtube

Youtube & Weedtube


When I began this Minnestonergirl blog I knew I wanted to move into Youtube eventually. I wanted it have enough confidence in myself to not stumble across my words. I slowly started to open myself up to this community I was trying to become apart of, and I couldn’t believe how fast I was making friends. The fear and anxiety I always felt about being myself, and showing other that genuine side of me slowly faded. It isn’t completely gone, I struggle most days with high anxiety and low self esteem. This cannabis community, the friends I’ve made, and even Minnestonergirl has helped me finally feel comfortable expressing my true self. As time has gone on and I’ve become more in-tune with who I am. I want to share my experiences as I become more and more myself.  As I make my next step into Youtube, I feel a door slamming shut on me.

In the past year Youtube has started handing down strikes to cannabis creators/influencers for ‘violating terms of their policy’. Six months ago it became a full blown assault on the cannabis community, as Youtube started completely deleting cannabis channels. Thousands of videos, millions of views, and platforms being ripped away from creators and viewers. During this time, I had just started filming, editing, and uploading as a cannabis content creator. I felt like a rug was pulled out from under me, like the dream I had been dreaming about was no longer possible. I was also watching some of my favorite cannabis creators loss everything they had worked towards, and countless hours of work just dismissed… Surely a response was in order, or a genuine explanation to help us all better understand the situation would be in order. No.


The Weedtube

The Weedtube like is a brain child or prodigy. Anyone who comes in contact with this movement knows there is something extraordinary at work. Its like the 2005/2006 version of Youtube, all this massive potential, but at the starting line. I feel like I’m watching something truly amazing being born. March of 2018 (this year) The Weedtube launched. It gave cannabis influencers a safe space to create cannabis content, and a place for the community as whole to meet, share ideas, get high, make friends, and maybe even learn something.

I made a profile as soon as I could, and set to work on making content for both channels. At first I started by making one video for both site. I figures since I was just a small content creator I wouldn’t be targeted. As time as gone on my fear and anxiety of losing my channel has grown. I decided at the beginning of May I would upload my cannabis content solely to The Weedtube. I will still be creating videos for youtube as well, but the bulk of mu editing time will go into my weed tube videos.

If you haven’t heard of or had a chance to visit The Weedtube site, you can pop over there here, and make yourself a profile. If you find me and follow me I will follow the first hundred followers back. The weed tube is great place to connect, learn, grow, and be creative as a pothead. Its an exciting new opportunity that just needs potheads like you and I to believe it in.

As I am always saving to buy new equipment for MinnestonerGirl’s blog, Youtube, and weed tube, Instagram, and Twitter. If you would like to support me  My Patreon page is an great way to support your neighborhood stoner.