Ganja Glam: My Hair Care Routine

Ganja Glam: My Hair Care Routine

Since I was a little girl, I have always been obsessed with long hair. I liked the way it looked, which reminded me of mermaids and princesses.  I definitely did my fair share of experimenting with my hair length and color.  I’ve been a blonde my whole life. My hair darkened alittle over time, but ultimately stayed blonde throughout my childhood and my teenage years. When I was fifteen I played around with coloring my hair black which was a huge mistake. I did it myself and didn’t realized how much black stained…everything. As I entered into college I enjoyed my blonde hair and experimented a little with different shades of blonde but always staying blonde. I joined the Army at 17, and they have strict guidelines on female hair color. When I turned 25 and ended my career in the military, and I went a little crazy. I colored my hair the first unnatural color ever; Gary. I loved my gary hair, it gave me the confidence to be myself and the added sass that I always felt I was missing. The big down fall to my gary hair was the upkeep.

I have always had thick hair, and I loved it. I have dreamed of having hair like a loins mane.  As I got older I noticed the thick hair I once had was slowly disappearing. I realized it was from all the coloring, and extreme lack of care I had been taking on my hair.  I really struggled with what I wanted to have, and what I enjoyed doing with my hair. As the old sane goes, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. When push came to shove I decided to give up coloring my hair ( just for a year)! I am taking a year to detox my hair, just to let my hair get back to a healthy state. I started this journey in July of 2017, and its been amazing the change in my hair.ganja glam; hair routine2


My hair is much more voluminous, softer, shiner, and yes THICKER!! Since I started this detox. I changed my hair care routine up since July, and I believe that has also made a noticeable difference.

ganja glam; hair routine6.JPGThe first thing I switched out of my salon arsenal was my brush. I knew not all brushed were created equal, but I didn’t put much stock into what my hair brush was made of. I switched to an all WOOD brush and it has helped so much with the static in my hair. The wood teeth of a wood brush actually help to absorb the nature oil of the scalp and help distribute it down the shaft of the hair. I swear by my wooden hair brush!

My holy grail of products is Moroccan oil. I have been using Moroccan Oil for almost 10 years. I started using this formula before they offered a light formula for blondes, so I am a faithful fan! I have tried other oils, and nothing compares to this specific brand. Many other oils I have used left my hair feeling greasy and heavy. I have NEVER had that issue with this brand. I feel in love with this product from the brand, so naturally I had to try out other products. ganja glam; hair routine4.JPG

I love love love the Moroccan Oil Hair Masks. I use a hair mask once to twice a month. I find this hair mask leaves my hair so unbelievably soft to the touch. It smell is so delicious that I want to bathe my whole body in it. I only wash my hair once a week ( every 5 to 7 days), depending on how sweating I get. I find that this really helps the natural oils in my hair to condition it.  I usually throw my hair mask in every other shampoo, but sometimes I can go longer without using it. I try to wait for a time when my hair is particularly mad at me to calm it down with this mask. It does the trick every time. I know not everyone can go a week without washing their hair (if you can try to, do it!), so I would recommend only using this hair mask once a week.ganja glam; hair routine7.JPG

I switch out my shampoo and conditioner frequently, sometimes I will even switch the bottles half way through to keep my hair on it’s toes, so to speak. I always find myself coming back to this brand; S Factor. The smell is unlike anything I have ever smelt!! This shampoo goes down as my top 5 favorite sense ever. YES, its smells that good!! I noticed that my hair can smell like S Factor for days after I wash it, which is  huge plus. I have gotten so many compliments on my perfume fragrance when it was really my shampoo. I promise, you will not be disappointed with the smell of this shampoo. Just promise, You won’t try to eat it.ganja glam; hair routine5.JPG

I started taking hair skin and nail gummies recently. It was more for an experiment than anything. I am trying to see if it makes any difference in the speed that my hair grows. I am taking monthly photos to document any progress. I will upload an article in the near future on my findings, and if the gummies are worth the buy.ganja glam; hair routine1

I love my hair, and I only want to make it better. I try to keep my routine as minimal as
p ossible because I have found the more ins’ always better. The more products I tried to use to fix the damage I was causing was just weighing my hair down. My hair was often
thin and lifeless. So my last tip is to cut down on your products. Weather its hair spray, heat, or serums/ conditioners. Take some time and listen to your lions mane, it will tell exactly what it needs.