My Hub-Cap: Kalli

My Hub-Cap: Kalli

Kalli is my black labrador retriever that has been apart of my family since she was just 7 weeks old. She is my sweet, energetic, social side kick. Kalli makes friends easy and listens quite well to any human.  She loves spending time with me, and will follow me anywhere I go, this is why I coined the nickname hub-cap for her. She was brought as a pet, but she quickly became someone to love, and she became the first member in the family we started. I’ve always felt lost and alone in life, but Kalli has filled into these two spots.


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I picked Kalli up May 5th 2015, and we have been inseparable ever since. I realized early on that Kalli wanted to please me, and make me happy. Curious about the world and full of energy, she was a normal puppy. She loved golf balls, and anything spherical shaped from the moment I got her, and her FAVORITE game was fetch. She was and still is my little aqua dog. She loves the water just as much as fetch. One of our favorite past times is playing fetch off the end of any dock here in Minnesota. She crawled into bed with me the first night I got her, and it’s had been her spot ever since. She is a snuggle worm, and I often wake up to her sleeping on the pillow next to me.

Kalli was an extremely easy puppy to train.  I realized that it was my job to learn how to speak her Doggy language. It was easy for me to pick up on Kalli’s queues, and she learned just as quick as I did how to communicate with me. She is so so smart, it blows my mind her intelligent level. She can preform a few tricks but her most unique trick is understanding my body language.


Kalli has been able to tap into my emotions and vibrations, and knows when something is off with me.  If I pay attention to her and my bodies warning signals I can slow down or even stop my anxiety or panic attack. Granted my results vary depending on each situation, and how my attacks present themselves. Kalli has been my security blanket when I find myself in the middle of a major panic attack. She calms me and is able to pull me out of my own head, and puts my focus on her. All without saying a word. She is quite unique, and everyone that meets her can see that, but that never see this side of my little hub cap. She is my true protector against the demons in my mind. She gets me in the most simplest of ways, and loves me so unconditionally. I have never felt that type of love, or trust from another light force before.

She is my little Pisces, and I truly believe we were meant to find each other. She has found me and helps me human, and because of that, I try to give her the best possible doggy life possible. I feel a sense of trust with Kalli that I have been able to find with my own kind. I trust that she will never ever leave me and will protect me with her life, and I know I will do the same. Its that mutual trust,love, and constant affection that keeps our bond strong.


It may sound crazy to someone who has never had bonded with an animal. But the few people that struggle with mental illnesses might understand the way a dog can touch and heal the human soul. Or maybe the people who have strong bong with their dog will understand what I mean when I say, you can’t find loyalty like that from a human. Kalli and I have that in ten fold. Before I got Kalli I suffered from crazy anxiety. I feared that someone was going to attack me, rape me, beat me, and take all of my soul. Almost all the time I was in fear, mostly of men, but also of women. My anxiety would amplify whenever I was alone or in an unfamiliar place. fight or flight was a constant feeling I had.  I couldn’t even go on a walk by myself without being thrown into an anxiety attack.

Kalli to helps me deal with my mental health. I knew I had a lot of issues going on in my head, but I still wasn’t at the point of reaching out and getting help. I thought getting a dog would be the same as going to a therapist. Which it was really helpful. No dog can do what a therapist can for you, and thats some advice I can give to you. Kalli has been one the bigger puzzle pieces I have found, in search for the whole picture of life. She has helped me understand my emotions better than any doctor or pill ever could. She had been the biggest factor in the reduction of my PTSD, and the constant fear I experience.