Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day


Today is a day we celebrate the brave men and woman that put service and sacrifice of our country first. I can’t believe and still can’t call myself a veteran. The six years I spent in the United States Army almost seems like a past life to me, but one that connects deep in my soul. It’s weird to think I joined the Army Ten years ago at Seventeen. There was so many reason why I joined, and I would make the decision a millions times over again.

I have so much to thank the Army for, but mostly for making me the person I am today. At Seventeen years old I learned morals and a strict set of codes to live my life by. Over the years I have modified them to suit me at a civilian, but the core of my values come from the US Army.

At nineteen years old I was deployed to the middle east. I lived a whole year of my life in one of the most dangerous places in the world at one of the most pivotal point in the development of my worldview.

I realized that I wanted to give so much more back to the world, I wanted to spread good, happiness, and light. I decided that my military service wasn’t the best way to serve my purpose to this life, so in 2015 I separated from the US Army and became a civilian. Part of my heart will always be a solider, a protector of freedom, and patriot to this country.