12 Favorite Beauty Products

12 Favorite Beauty Products

I have always loved beauty products weather it skincare, haircare, make up, etcetera . I love hearing about my beauty guru’s favorite products and making lists of what I want to try next. It’s like, YESSS sis, tell me all your favorite secret products and I will make these nice tidy lists for all the them. It makes my virgo moon so happy. I started watching beauty videos on youtube when I was nineteen. I contribute most of my knowledge on how to properly apply my make up, take care of my skin, and take care of my hair because of youtube videos. I really took what these women had to say seriously. I enjoy getting the opinion of a woman like me, and I trusted what they had to say. I stopped buying my beauty products from traditional advertisement and commercials a LONG time ago. I sought out unbiased and authentic reviews. I know I want to be authentic and true with my reviews because I found it so valuable when researching beauty products. I have searched the internet for women like me, and I have found women that willing to put their time and effort into teaching, reviewing, and inspiring others with their talents. Many years of self doubt, and low self esteem has kept me from pursuing my passion of being like them, till now.

So without any further rambling on my part here is my first attempt at a list of my favorite beauty products

  1. Vitamin E oil. This has helped with my skin so much. it has helped soften and soothe my super dry, tight, itchy skin.
  2. Moroccan oil. I have been using this in my hair since I was eighteen, and I swear by this product for long hair. All my blondies should have a bottle of this stuff, because it helps with the excessive drying and damage that lightening your hair causes. This magical oil helps with breakage, tangling, frizziness, it shines, it softens, and it smells amazing!!
  3. Sunscreen!! This may seem like a no-brainer, but I have seen soo many young women still using tanning oil! Stop this madness. If we want to keep our skin looking young, healthy, and supple, then slather on that sunscreen. Because girl the sun is the number one cause of damage to our skin. In this day and age we have hundreds of different self tanners, and a mountain of bronzing products to give us that sun kissed glow. We don’t need the sun damage to be tan.
  4. Wooden Hair brush from the handle to the bristles. Wood helps distribute your natural hair oil down the shaft of your hair.
  5. My favorite face wash is by L’Oreal Revitalift radiant smoothing cream cleanser. I swear by this face wash! I use a tiny dime to pea size amount and it foams up and cleans my skin so well. It leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth, bright, and clean. I use it both morning and night.
  6. Eyelash Curler. I know it seems like a stupid or small thing but even if I don’t wear mascara, I always try to curl eyelashes and I notice how my eye looks more open and awake. Its crazy that curling the little hairs attached to your eyeball can make that much of a difference but it does.
  7. Eyebrow brush. I started getting into the habit of grooming my eyebrows. I usually do it right after I wash my face because my eyebrows are wet and easy to train into place. Grooming my eyebrows everyday has helped in training them to stay in place. I usually try to push my hairs straight up, to help open up my eye lid.
  8. Coconut oil. I used to use Clique make-up removing balm. One time when I was super broke I couldn’t afford to by my expensive make up remover. So I found an alternative that works just as good. Coconut oil! This really does the trick, and I don’t feel like I have to scrub.
  9. Dove body wash. Fun fact, I have extremely dry skin which isn’t fun at all. I have always needed to use sensitive skin body washes, because heavily scented and soaped body washes would dry my skin out so bad. Dove is my lifesaver, I use the whole line of scents and have no problem with dry, itchy, or tight feeling skin since I made the switch.
  10. Hempz line of body lotions, specifically the sweet pineapple & honey melon scent. This lotion keeps me from drying up like a raisin at any given time. Plus it smells heavenly.
  11. Bulgarian Rose water. I love this stuff for everything, from skin care, to aromatherapy, and bathing. I urge you too look up all the benefits of bulgarian roses, because it would take me too long to list them all here. I invested in some small spray bottles, and use them to mist my face whenever it feels dry.
  12. GraveyardGirl/Trate collaberation conture and eyeshadow pallet. I swear by this bad boy!!! I love all the colors in this eye shadow pallet, (this pallet works really well with blue eyes). I am OBSESSED with the highlight Bunny created, and cant get enough of the blush either. The bronzer is deep and beautiful, and I use it as a eyeshadow crease color from time to time too. This pallet is great for the beginner, traveler, make up pro, working make up artist, make up junky, anyone. It is just a staple in my make up bag.

I have used all of these products religiously and swear by them. I would like to think I’m honest and truthful and hope my reccomdations will be of some help to you.

I send Love Light & Good Vibes to all my beauty enthusiasts, cannabis connoisseurs,  and internet neighbors.