Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

We have been experiencing a Mercury Retrograde during the same time as this Mars Retrograde, as well as a full blood moon eclipse that took place July 27th. This month has been a lot for the mind and the emotions.

During Retrograde I like to really take time to look inward, and reflect upon myself. I try to spend as much time during the three weeks of Retrograde showering myself with love. I use this time to make goals, manifestations, and plans to achieve both when coming out of the Retrograde. I focus on what I want to manifest, and shed what is no longer important to me. I give myself the chance to reset, take a step back, and breathe. This is a good time for just that.

Mercury Retrogrades are not the time for drumming up any new business ventures. A lot of the times lines of communication can be lost in translation. So try to be patience with everyone during Retrogrades. The universe is playing tricks with our phone calls, mail, e-mails, heck even interaction on social media might be lower than usual. During Mercury Retrograde the universe seems to be running backwards, and we find ourself tripping over it a lot. Take this time to slow down, and meditate on your life and the changes you want to make.

During this Mercury Retrograde we experienced a Full blood moon eclipses. A eclipse is another great example of a sign to take a step back and be grateful to the universe rather than using your energy to manifest something new. I had a fire in my front yard the night of the full moon. I danced around my fire, dropping dried sage leaves from my garden in it. I gave thanks to the universe, and danced around the fire under the beautiful moon. I used this full moon as time to give thanks and gratitude to the universe for always being by my side as I manifest the creative person I want to be. I thank the universe for all the people, energies, and experiences it has brought into my life. I wanted to channel on emotion during this full moon and that was gratitude.

During this Mercury Retrograde I decided to take up the practice of mediating daily. I wanted to meditate every day of the Retrograde to help pick up the practice of mediating as a daily habit. I have meditated here and there before but it never stuck. I wanted so badly to be one of the those people that meditated to help get out of bad mood, or help clear my head space, or help call my creativity forward. So i decided to use this retrograde to focus on that. For the first week i carved out time to mediate but by the second week I was find excuses not to. So I started meditating right before I went to bed. I download a couple of apps but found one like the most. As I started into my third week of meditation I find myself almost wanting to do it. I have learned to tailor it to MY needs, and I understand that just because something works for someone else doesn’t mean its going to work for me. I still use guided mediation and often find myself flipping in on when I am washing dishes or doing laundry. Whenever I feel like doing it I do, and I find myself wanted to do it more and more. It’s like mentally cleaning up your mind. Taking that time to tidy up the place, by sitting down relaxing for a few minutes a day.

My journey of spiritually is a very unique one. I never thought I would be where I am today, Spiritually at peace.I am happy the universe has brought the revelations it has into my life.My spiritual journey has always been a path I have walked alone. It has been a lonely journey, and I have taught myself everything along the way. I was afraid to be open or honest about what I may believe in because it was SOO different than the traditions taught to me.I want to change this. I want to open up and talk about what I believe in, how I got to where I am today, and hopefully help someone open their minds’ up to the vibrations of the universe. If I do that, and help bring happiness to the universe and mother nature then I will be content with my work