My First Tarot Reading

My First Tarot Reading

My road of spirituality has been a long bumpy one. I was raised as a christian, But never received the answer to the questions I was asking from Christianity. I spent my early adult years researching, learning, and finding out all about religions. I took some college courses and they opened my eyes to structured religion and all the rules, indocmeration, and strict rigorous way to commune with the spiritual realm.

Structured religions never sat well with me. I felt things since a young age, like peoples emotions, and theyโ€™re auras, things that no religion could make sense of for me. I was obsessed with figure out how the other realm works after my losing someone very close to me. I deep dived back into my research into religions in 2016..

I found Witchcraft, and I finally felt at home. I finally found the religion that could answer the weird questions I have. I finally felt at home in my spiritually.

This Christmas I was gift this BEAUTIFUL set of Tarot cards, and I had to bust them out immediately.

I played with my card, letting them get to know me. I used my freshly charged crystals to charge my deck before I did my first read. I wanted to share my first Tarot read with you, my followers. This is it.

  1. Death Upright
  2. Wheel of Fortune Upright
  3. The Hierophant Upright
  4. Nine of Cups Reversed
  5. King of Cups Upright
  6. Knight of Cups Upright
  7. The Hermit Upright