I am a Witch

I am a Witch

My Blood Moon Experience

This last weekend we experienced a Blood Moon Eclipses. In the northern hemisphere the eclipse was not visual, so instead we were gifted with the view of beautiful ruby red moon.

I recently started following the moon phases and what each lunation could mean in astrology. I really started to show interest in what the moon does and how it affects us last summer. It was around this time that I started my practice with Wicca, astrology, and crystal healing.

I have found that the path of Wicca is very much your own path, and you can make what you want of the religion, or experience. I very much enjoy this method over the route taken by traditional religions. Most religions have set rules we must all follow to connect with the universe in which we live in. I have never been drawn to this idea. We are all too unique and too different to use the same key to unlock the secrets the universe has hidden inside of us. This past year, I have educated myself on what Wiccan stands for and what I want my religion to mean to me. For each witch this is different, and it should be. Our connections to the universe is unique to each and everyone of us. The one commonality that Wiccan’s will agree on is the Wiccan Rede.

The commonly observed Wiccan Rede is:

An it harm none, do what ye will.

This aligns perfectly with my moral code and how I try to conduct myself ethically in the world. I want to do no harm to anyone that means no harm to me, and I wish no one ill will or harm. I truly want to leave the world a better place. I live each day with the intention of spreading light and life rather than death and destruction.
Wiccan religions have also been known to believe in Karma and that whatever energy you put out into the world you receive three times back. I have always felt a strong urge to do good because the universe is always watching.

Full moons are seen as a time for rituals, relationships, celebrations, and bringing goals and manifestations to reality.

I have really been working hard at researching the proper method to having a witchy ritual, but all my research has taught me is each ritual differs depending on the witch, the moon, and what is being celebrated.

Rituals are specific to each Witch and each moon. Some covens may follow guidelines, and specific traditions their coven only does. Same can apply to each witch.

So I decided that I wanted to charge my crystals and thank the universe for helping manifest my dreams. I want my full moon experiences to be about giving thanks and being joyous for what I have, and have accomplished.

I had a nice Friday night fire. I danced around the fire as the moon rose in the sky. I put my crystals in water with frankiense and tea tree oil and rosemary from my garden. I threw sage leaves (also from my garden) in the fire as I gave thanks to the universe, and mother earth. I used the fire as a huge sage smudge stick to ward off all bad vibes and entities, and call forth happy, positive ones.

This full moon was an experience of a life time. I am so excited to build on my witchcraft with each passing lunar cycle.

As one witch would say to another witch when leaving a circle.

Merry meet, merry part, merry meet again